MOVIES UNLIMITED is the world’s oldest, most reliable video mail-order company. Established in 1978, the Philadelphia-based company has sold millions of video movies all over the world since its inception. In addition to operating an online interactive movie store, MOVIES UNLIMITED publishes a world-renowned catalog devoted exclusively to video movies. We also maintain a comprehensive and informative blog site,, that offers the latest word on movies through blog postings, columns, articles, an RSS feed, and video podcasts.

Because they’re video specialists and not data marketers, they know the video market better than anyone else. The MOVIES UNLIMITED website focuses on all the titles that are currently available on video. You’ll find thousands of titles that other sites don’t have. They don’t list movies that were never on video or have been discontinued. Plus, they ship from their own warehouse and don’t rely on anyone else to stock or ship your merchandise. They also have an 800 number (1-800-668-4344) where you can speak to one of their customer service representatives to ask questions about orders already placed.

The MOVIES UNLIMITED VIDEO CATALOG is recognized as the most comprehensive guide to home video available. It features over 800 pages of videos available through MOVIES UNLIMITED, listing virtually every movie title available on video. It is a veritable encyclopedia of video, complete with rare artwork, insightful synopses, and great prices.

Not only does MOVIES UNLIMITED offer hard-to-find titles, they specialize in them. Locating rare films that are impossible to find in local video stores or through other mail-order operations is one of the things they’re famous for.

Their catalog has received many great reviews from such film critics as Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel, Gene Shalit and Leonard Maltin. They’re recommended by all the major movie studios. In addition, popular movie stars and directors, many of whom are Oscar-winners, are regular MOVIES UNLIMITED mail-order customers.

Everything. They showcase exciting “B” westerns, classic and not-so-classic sci-fi from the 1950s, rare sports highlights, thrilling movie serials, fascinating documentaries, enthralling gladiator sagas, fantastic family fare, vintage TV shows and much, much more. If it’s on video, MOVIES UNLIMITED has it.

Movies Unlimited also publishes MovieFanFare, an online magazine highlighting movie articles, classic movie reviews, actor tributes, and encourages visitors to join in the conversations at

Once you purchase a video through MOVIES UNLIMITED, you are put on their mailing list, and you will receive their VideoFlash supplements and other mailings during the year. They also offer a service which updates you by e-mail on upcoming releases, price reductions and other interesting information about the video market. If you would like updates through their e-flash service please send an email to

Movies Unlimited is on Facebook where they post movie history, interesting facts about movie stars, movie sales events and much more. Join them on their Facebook page at Movies Unlimited Facebook page.
740 Hilltop Drive
Itasca, IL 60143
Phone: 800-668-4344


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