They deliver some of the best gifts in the world – giftware, fashion accessories, top-trending décor, baby fashion and huggable plush, garden, holiday and finishing touches for the home. Kissing Krystals and Crystal Expressions are some of the lines that make up our extensive family of products.

Established by Samuel Ganz and sons Jack and Sam in 1950, this privately-held family company is now headed by the founder’s grandson, Howard Ganz. Corporate headquarters are located in Woodbridge, ON, Canada.

In the year 2000, they celebrated their 50th anniversary. GANZ began selling plush products, and built on this success to include a wide range of gift offerings, collectibles, seasonal gifts and home decor products. Webkinz World and Webkinz Jr. have bridged the virtual world by combining plush pets with interactive play.

GANZ has established a large dedicated sales force throughout the United States and Canada and owes its prosperity not only to effective distribution but also to product of the highest quality.

Using Ganz eStore is easy!
Just follow these four steps:

1. Fill your cart!
Find the items you want from our catalog and put them into your cart! You can combine items for different games/sites in the same cart. You can even combine Physical Items with your Online ones!

2. Purchase eStore Points!
For Online Items, Ganz eStore uses eStore Points instead of cash. This allows you to make smaller purchases and the Gift Points feature allows parents to have their children shop at the Webkinz eStore without a Credit Card! You will be asked to make a Ganz eStore account when purchasing eStore Points.

3. Check Out for Feature Codes!
When you’re ready, Check Out to make your purchase. The cost of your Online Items will be deducted from your eStore Points total. You’ll then be given one Webkinz Feature Code for each item in your cart. The Codes are yours to use, or can be printed out to give as gifts! Codes will be available on your account for 30 days, in case you lose them.

4. Unlock the Fun!
To receive your items in Webkinz World, log in, and take the Feature Codes to the Code Shop. Enter each code and you’ll unlock each item! All that’s left to do is enjoying your great new stuff!


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